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ResilienceOnline™ Program

PowerThinking Corp.’s premiere offering is ResilienceOnline™. This effective program developed by psychologists at the University of Pennsylvania is based on over 30 years of research and is the only program available that is scientifically proven to boost resilience. The research has shown that more than education… more than training… and more than knowledge, it is resilience that determines why some people succeed when confronted by challenges while others fail.

Resilience training is used by the U.S. Army to help returning soldiers and is required by the
Wharton School of Business for incoming freshmen.

ResilienceOnline™ is an interactive experience that is personalized to empower you to take control over life’s challenges and adversities. You are taught how to apply the 7 Skills of Resilience to help you overcome obstacles, steer through day-to-day adversities, bounce back from major setbacks, and reach out to achieve all of which you are capable. The tested results have helped thousands of people increase their happiness, productivity, success, and balance in their lives.

"ResilienceOnline Training is a one of a kind tool that challenged me to think differently, leaving a profound impact on me both personally and professionally…I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to better themselves!" Andrew Braun Managing Director, Northwestern Mutual

The Wharton School of Business requires incoming freshmen to undergo resilience training. Why?

“Resilience skills help you overcome adversities by developing more optimistic and accurate thinking. This change in thinking buffers against stress, improves mood, leads to effective problem solving, and increases performance in school and sports.” Wharton School of Business.

The ResilienceOnline Training program helps you with proven techniques for success developed over decades at the renown University of Pennsylvania. Build your success skills through this step-by-step program. Begin by measuring your Seven Resilience Factors. These are the critical keys to building - and keeping success in business, at home, and in personal relationships. Evaluate where you are today in these seven key factors. Then learn the power of your thinking through a series of special Anagram Exercises. These exercises will show you the hidden gifts in your own mental abilities. They’re fun, too. The core program, lead by trained professors, will help you boost your Seven Resilience Factors. The critical keys to building – and keeping – success in all areas of your life. You will have the opportunity to boost your resilience by learning and applying the keys skills, including:

  • Learning the ABCs of Resilience
  • Avoiding Thinking Traps
  • Detecting Icebergs
  • Challenging Beliefs
  • Putting it in Perspective
  • Calming & Focusing
  • Real Time Resilience

Begin today and enjoy life to the fullest. Start PowerThinking Now! Just $199.99.

ResilienceOnline™ Program Highlights

Resilience training is used by the U.S. Army to help returning soldiers and is required by the
Wharton School of Business for incoming freshmen.

PowerThinking Corp. is proud to present, the ResilienceOnline™ Program – an interactive based on content influenced by the University of Pennsylvania's Positive Psychology Center

  1. Dr. Shatté guides the user through this interactive program using streaming video.
  2. Accompanying the streaming video are synchronized slides and dynamic content including skill building activities.
  3. By clicking any of these tabs, the user will see their subsections listed. This will bring up the menu that will quickly help the user navigate to a part of the subsection. It will automatically start with the first menu item and load a video clip of Dr. Shatté and the slide, or slides that correspond with the discussion.
  4. In the section called Measure Resilience, the user will measure his/her own resilience by taking the Resilience Factor Inventory, or RFI, a 60 question test that will determine the individual’s inner strengths and areas needing improvement. The RFI has been tested on thousands of individuals and has been scientifically validated. Upon completion of the RFI, the user gets immediate feedback in the form of a resilience profile. The resilience profile is a graph that will highlight areas of strengths in resilience and areas that need improvement.
  5. To see what skills of resilience are associated with specific inner strengths, the user can click the Strengths/Skills tab located below the Slide Previewer
  6. The Slide Previewer highlights the current slide. The user can click on a slide to load it into the large content window.
  7. The core of the program is the section, Master 7 Skills. The user will be given basic information about each resilience skill, examples to reinforce the information, skill building activities to make it more relevant to the user, tips on how to apply the skills to everyday life, and a quick summary.
  8. In the Action Plan section, the user learns how to apply the skills that are taught in the program to his/her everyday life. This section helps the user take skills from theory to practice. The user pledges a commitment to change and prioritizes which skills are most necessary to best affect that change. The user is shown the skills flow chart that will tie all of the information learned together and will reinforce important decision points in the change process.
  9. In the Resources tab, you will find items to reinforce the concept of resilience. This includes slides that review the characteristics, or Inner Strengths, of resilience and are described in greater detail. These inner strengths can be changed or improved. The inner strengths can be matched with the 7 Skills of Resilience in the Strengths/Skills grid. You will also find the Resilience Flow chart.
  10. A unique component of this program includes the ability to interact with several Virtual Partners. The user can call on them to hear their thoughts and use them as partners for some of the skill building activities.

ResilienceOnline Training - Stress Free

“I highly recommend ResilienceOnline for anyone who desires a more challenging and enhanced life.” Donald McGill

Bad news on the TV, bills arriving in the mail, an important project due at the office in two days' time! If you're like most people in today's fast-paced, high-stakes modern world, you feel more than a little stressed out. Fortunately, there's a simple solution that will help you reduce stress in your life. ResilienceOnline Training shows you how to properly manage stress so that you can maximize productivity and lead a happier life. Change your life to a stress free existence! ResilienceOnline Training gives you the tools necessary to change your outlook and help manage stress. By testing yourself and revealing your inner strengths, you can conquer doubt, fear, and worry. Our program teaches you how to marshal all your personal resilience to confront and remove all the obstacles to a stress free life. Don't wait a moment longer to begin to manage stress. The keys to reduce stress in your life are inside you, and ResilienceOnline can bring them out. A stress free life is within your grasp, order ResilienceOnline Training today!

ResilienceOnline Training - Positive Thinking

"I signed up for his program and have to say that it was a tremendous help to me. I will continue to use this program and I strongly recommend it to all." Stan Bloch Sales Executive

Some people call it the secret. Others know it as the glass half full or making lemonade out of life's lemons. Undoubtedly, at some time when you were feeling down, someone gave you the advice to, think positive. There's much more to that piece of advice than many realize. The power of positive thinking has long been recognized by our culture. ResilienceOnline Training will teach you how to take that positive thinking and channel it into better productivity, more success, and a happier life. ResilienceOnline Training shows you how to alter your outlook to think positive and utilize your inner reserves. You have a strength inside you that can be unlocked through positive thinking, enabling you to live life according to your terms. Remove personal and mental roadblocks to success, and harness the power of positive thinking with ResilienceOnline! To achieve success, first you must envision it. Positive thinking will change your attitude and your life. Resilience Online Training will allow you to see success and then achieve it using tools that you already possess. Learn to think positive, and see how that can lead to overcoming adversity and ultimately, a better life.

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